Ketamine Changes the Course of Depression

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Ketamine Changes the Course of Depression

Jack Jones

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Depression largely impacts someone’s life when living in an ‘unlivable’ state. Now Ketamine is being used to help treat severe depression and it has been making some outstanding changes in people’s lives.

Ketamine is a synthetic compound that is used in the party scene as well as in medicine. It is used for people who are about to go under surgery, being a dissociative anesthetic. This means that it distorts people’s perception between real-life and what they are seeing. When people use it for the treatment of depression, they say it distorts their reality, making them feel important emotions that they are unable to feel being depressed.

For example, James, a man with a wife and kids has been taking ketamine for the last six year. Through his journey, he has become a happy man who is willing to continue living in a better manner. Before his treatment, he was unable to focus on anything and within minutes his head could start spiraling into violent, unthinkable thoughts. “Ketamine helped me get my life back,” said James.

James had a normal childhood but had always let his crazy thoughts get the best of him. As he grew older his thoughts became more vivid and rapid. Some were even visions of murdering or attacking his family. James needed to find help, so he went on a hunt and found Dr. Demitri Papolos. “He was like a whirling dervish when he came into my office,” Papolos says. “He was extremely fearful and scanning the environment all the time and he overheated at the drop of a hat.” Papolos assigned him with a few forms of Bipolar disorder and knew that medications were not able to help him, so he began treatment and the results were immediate.

Not only has James life been greatly affected by the use of Ketamine but many others have as well. In 2006 a study was produced that showed the drug’s ability to fight severe depression within a matter of hours. Since that time thousands of people have been prescribed the drug when nothing else works.

Doctors have now begun prescribing the drug to people that have all sorts of debilitating mental disorders including bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, etc. It can now help them control their uncontrollable thoughts. Dr. Martin Teicher says “I think it’s actually one of the biggest advances in psychiatry in a very long time”

These breakthroughs are extremely important for the 30 percent of people whose body have no reaction to antidepressants. That is closed to 5 million people in the U.S. and these people are the one with the strongest cases.

Although there are many positives to using Ketamine, there are also consequences just like with every drug. Most importantly, Ketamine has not yet been FDA approved. This means that in order to receive the treatment one must go to a private clinic and pay 400 to 800 dollars. The treatment also must be completed every few weeks so it very possible for people to become reliant and furthermore, addicted.

Another problem is the fact that there hasn’t been enough research to understand long-term effects. This means that no warning can be given to the people who are using the product for depression. At this point, the American Psychiatric Association say Ketamine is not ready to be used as a medication to resist depression.

The drug that used to known as Special K in the party scene is not beginning to show great medical advancements that can change the course of depression in society.