Summit Tigers Alpine Ski Team Season Returns

Sebastian Foltz

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With winter sports kicking off there is much anticipation for CHSAA sporting events. The most anticipated winter sport for SHS is the Alpine ski team. This season is one to look forward to as the Alpine team is looking to reach nationals this year. That road starts with their first race at Copper Mountain on December 5, 2017.

As the season kicks off with weight training for the athletes, it is expected that great things are going to come. Last year, in many of the Alpine races, Summit reached third place. Currently, there is anticipation for possibly making it to first and to nationals.

Speaking with Thomas Creen, he explains, “In the current state of the team there is much excitement as we have new faces that could possibly help us. The only problem that needs to change with the Alpine team is the way you reach varsity in the sport.” This shows that there is a possible way that new people could help make the team even better. Making varsity requires a competitor to make state. To make state, one has to be top 20 in a race, which requires participation in varsity races. “The whole system seems very confusing to an outsider,” said Tommy Francis, another alpine skier. Also talking with his brother, Brennan Creen explained how, “I really am excited for the season. I have made numerous goals that I hope are going to impact my season one of them is beating last year’s racing speed.” With goals like these, nationals seem to be within reach for Brennan.

For this season, cheer on the Tiger Alpine Ski team and hope that they do there best to make it all the way to finals. There is a lot of hope for the upcoming team as they show outstanding dedication to the sport and the culture behind it.

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