Seasons Changing In Summit County

Alex Barela

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As summer fades away and fall approaches with colder temperatures, brighter colors and even more tourists, it tends to bring the county a little closer. 

A student at SHS shares how he feels privileged to have more than one season and exclaims how fall is his favorite season. In Summit County, there are a lot of contraptions that bring tourists to our county, but one of the popular activities is seeing how the leaves switch color from bright green to stunning orange and yellow. People come from all over to see this part of nature in Summit County. People that travel to Summit and gaze on the leafs are normally called “leafers.”

Leaf watching is not the only exciting thing people get to do during the fall. A popular activity during this time is also hunting, as it is easier to blend in with the surroundings around this time of year. Fall is not the only season that people are excited for this year. A large amount of students are stirred up for the winter season to come. Winter is a pretty rare thing in most places, but not in the state of Colorado.

“Fall and Winter are the seasons that bring the families a little close together around the time” says a students from SHS. “Winter is an intriguing season because of all the different activities you’re not able to do during the summer.” This two seasons helps the county become a little more active, which helps are community come a little to each other.

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