Construction At SHS

Alex Barela, Reporter

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The construction at Summit High School is starting to raise suspicions on what is going to be different and what kinds of improvements will be see when the project is finished.

Around this time last year, SHS students and staff noticed a large incline in the population at the school and knew that they had to do something with everyone enrolling in the school. Summit County voters passed a Mill Levy and Bond last November to expand the high school, along with other schools in the community. Construction at SHS began this fall and is supposed to be finished next year during winter.

Assistant Principal, Blake Douglas, shared how he is excited about the project and feels good about this opportunity to add on to the school. His main concern at this point is how the school is going to be looking during the process of construction. 

Several staff members had the same thoughts about the project; most believe that the project is much needed, but question the time that it will be finished and the disruptions the project may cause while school is in session.

Even though they are little suspicious about the project, most of those interviewed are thrilled to have the new improvements for the high school. The improvements happening at the school at the school over the year include more classrooms, an indoor turf  gym, and a larger cafeteria. Nothing in this world is cheap, and many are thankful for the devoted community in helping out with the funding for this project.

All and all, SHS staff and students are excited for the upcoming year and improvements to the school.

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