Seniors, Are You College Ready?

Aimee Symington

Molly Caldwell, Editor

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May 1st, college commitment day, brings feelings of both excitement and anxiety to the seniors of Summit High School. The Class of 2018 is destined for great things, whether that be joining the workforce or heading off to college. Graduating seniors have committed to colleges all over, from University of Colorado in Boulder to Harvard University in Massachusetts. Despite having different futures, seniors are all experiencing similar feelings.

Meaghan Flannagan, who is headed off to University of Utah to study dance said, “Yes, of course I’m excited for college.” She said she was most excited for “meeting new people and making new friends.”

But Meaghan, along with many other college-bound seniors, is feeling stressed about money and the fact that this decision could very well affect their finances for the rest of their lives. According to a survey done by Science Daily, 70% of students are stressed about money rather than frats or flunking out. Six out of ten students are stressed about tuition, while half of the students surveyed are worried about simple day-to-day expenses such as food and other necessary items.

“The findings suggest that the pressures of student loan debt and finding ways to make ends meet are weighing on America’s college students,” said Anne McDaniel, co-author of the study. In fact, up to 32% of the students admitted to putting off their studies to focus on paying back their debt.

This is becoming increasingly concerning and another recent study, done by, proves that money worries due to college debt will follow most into later adulthood. The study found that money worries keep nearly two-thirds of America’s up at night, a number higher than the  56% after the recession of 2008. The reasoning behind this finance-induced insomnia was first: saving for retirement and second: college debt.