Rockies Strong Start

Photo: Quinn Ritzdorf

Quinn Ritzdorf

Photo: Quinn Ritzdorf

Ian Connors

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With the MLB season underway, the Colorado Rockies have gotten off to a solid start. The Rockies are 20-15 which puts them at second in their division. They are just behind the Diamondbacks, but the Rockies are surging. They are coming off of a three-game sweep of the Mets, which is part of a five-game winning streak.

Colorado Rockies’ star second baseman, Dj LeMahieu, was recently placed on the 10-day disabled list (DL). He suffered a hamstring injury during the Rockies game Friday against the Miami Marlins, according to CBS. When asked how he felt about the LeMahieu injury, Summit High School freshman Zach Misch said, “It’s kind of disappointing, but I think that Pat Valaika will be able to do well.”

The Rockies are in a power house division in the MLB, with three out of the five teams making the playoffs last year. This year, however, the usual division leader, The Los Angeles Dodgers, have not been playing as well as expected. This underwhelming start by the Dodgers has allowed the Rockies to have a firm grip on the second spot in the division.

The Rockies are in a series with one of the MLB leading teams, the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels are currently leading their division with rising star Shohei Ohtnai playing very well. The rockies were able to take game one of the series with a 4-2 win over the Angels.  

Hopefully the Rockies can continue the winning streak which is currently at six games. The Rockies are right on the tail of the division leading Diamondbacks. The Rockies were able to make the playoffs last year but they lost in the first round. We will see of the Rockies can up their performance from last year and win the division.