SHS Girls Dive

2016-2017 season

Nature Currey

Nature Currey, Staff Reporter

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In the 2016-2017 SHS Girls Dive season there are 13 girls; 8 returning team members and 5 new girls. The dive team is a much smaller sport compared to some other teams at the high school. The dive team practices Monday through Thursday from 6-8 o’clock.

On the team there are 5 seniors, 1 junior, 6 sophomores, and 1 freshman. The current members are Abby Hiller, Abby Charneskie, Laurel Bonner, Sarah Sones, Sophie Imamura, Kate Wasson, Jazlyn Smith, Nature Currey, Ella Williams, Summer Krueger, Maggie Braner, Delani Bargell, and Camden Gallen. The girls have a team competition called the “smack board”. Anytime one of them smacks the water really hard they get a point next to their name and at the end of the season whoever has the most smacks gets a prize. The prize for this season is Swedish Fish, picked out by the person who is currently winning, Jazlyn Smith. The girls travel and compete along with the swim team.

“I dive because I love it. It’s an incredible sport and I have one of the best teams out there.”

In a recent home meet there were no other divers attending so 11 out of the 13 girls on the SHS team competed against each other.  Below are the results:

  1. Abby Hiller- 161.45 points
  2. Laurel Bonner- 145.40 points
  3. Sophie Imamura- 127.2 points
  4. Nature Currey- 116.85 points
  5. Delani Bargell- 116.30 points
  6. Camden Gallen- 107.60 points
  7. Sarah Sones- 104.20 points
  8. Kate Wasson- 99.60 points
  9. Jazlyn Smith- 92.30 points
  10. Maggie Braner- 80.85 points
  11. Ella Williams- 77.7 points

“Competing is really fun and you do a lot better than in practice because you have to do your best in a meet whereas practice isn’t as serious and there isn’t anyone watching.”

For each dive the girls are scored 0-10 from three different judges. Then all of the points are added up to give a final score. The highest score of the meet was Sophie Imamura on her inward dive pike on which she received an 8, 7, and a 7.5. To qualify for states the diver must receive 180 points total. 1st place diver Abby Hiller was 18.55 points short of qualifying in this meet. When coach Joe Baldwin was asked who, if anyone, he thought might make it to states this year he responded with “I think that this year both Abby (Hiller) and Laurel (Bonner) have real potential to make it to states. We just need them to score a few higher points and they could definitely make it.”  Both girls have high enough degrees of difficulty to qualify and just need a few more points.

This year at swim and dive meets there have been a lot more people in the crowds watching the events. One of the divers stated “Having it be really quiet and a lot of people watching is kind of nerve wracking because in practice if you smack really hard only the team sees it but at a meet the whole audience sees it.” However, the girls are very excited to have all of the support from fellow students, faculty, parents, etc… They look forward to a great end to the season.