Jordan 32 Review

Jordan 32 vs the Jordan 2

Lorenzo Lucia, Writer

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The Jordan 32 is out and there are not many who are excited about it. This is probably because the Air Jordan 31s were complete trash due to the sole. The biggest issue with them was that the grip was horrible.

Athletes would try to stop then slide for five feet before they would stop. This has happened to people on the Summit High basketball team. Chance said “The grip one the 31s was complete trash. I did not like them, but they did have good support  in practice and in a game.” So one thing that people hope will be better in the Jordan 32 is the traction and cushion of the shoe.

Since the shoe has not been out for a long time, there are not a lot of reviews, but the ones that are on there say that the traction is still not much better than the 31s. It has a hard rubber out sole, which could be good for outdoor courts, but only time will tell.

As far as the 31s were concerned, they were a relatively light indoor shoe. The 32 is really heavy and that is not something desired in  basketball shoe, so in that area they went backwards. They also say that the cushion is okay but could be better.  Besides that, the materials on the shoe are premium, which is something we should have anticipated since Nike prided themselves on the fact that the Jordan 2 was made in Italy with Italian leather.

The design of the shoe was inspired by the Jordan 2, so this shoe looks like an updated/upgraded version. All in all only, time will tell if the 32s can live up to the legacy of the shoe line and if they deserve the coveted name Air Jordan.