Top 5 unquestionable questions

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Top 5 unquestionable questions

Taylor Fogh, Staff Reporter

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  1. What is the meaning of life?
  • This question is most commonly asked. Many people want to know what the meaning of life is so they can complete the task that they need to do. But is there really one specific thing that we are supposed to do in our lifetime? I think that the purpose of life is to create a life that you want, to be happy and comfortable with your life.
  1. where did we came from
  • There are many different answers to this question. Like that there was a big bang theory or that everyone came from Adam and Eve. This question is very hard to answer so i’m going to explain both scenarios. The big bang is when the universe began and then made groups of stars, the universe we see today. The story of Adam and Eve. God creates Adam from dust and then God put Adam into the garden of Eden. When in the garden of Eden God tells Adam that he can do anything that he wants really, except there is one rule that God gives Adam is the he can´t eat the forbidden fruit. Then God creates Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. Eve eventually eats the forbidden fruit and is kicked out of the garden of Eden. Adam then follows because he realizes now that in order to progress that he needed to go with Eve.
  1. What happens after we die?
  • The most common answer to this question is either heaven or hell. most people believe that this is where they will be going after they die. Heaven and hell come from the Bible. So there are many religions that may believe otherwise. When we die most people believe that we will be reunited with our loved ones that passed away before us. So we can imagine that we will be in a place surrounded by the people we love. I don’t think there is really one specific way to answer this question. People have different beliefs and hope to what will happen after death.    
  1. Exactly how long will I live?
  • There are many things that can happen throughout your life that will cause your lifespan to be shortened. You could get into a accident or you could get a disease that cuts your life short. For U.S men the average lifespan is 76. And the average lifespan for a female in the U.S is 81.    
  1. Does God exist?
  • This question I think is up to you. There are people that do believe in God and then there are people that don’t believe in God at all and some people that believe in a different greater being.  


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