Chocolate vs. Glazed

the ultimate donut decision

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Chocolate vs. Glazed

Nature Currey and Sara Speedy

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The first donut machine ever created was in New York in 1920 and they were a hit. The fried dough dessert is loved all over the world. Donuts were once declared the “hit food” of the century. Ever since, donuts have been a go to treat that people love. What is it about donuts that people love? Is it the sugary goodness that the donut contains? The fact that you can put anything on top of them? There are millions of types of donuts in the world. From a simple plain donut to chocolate donuts covered in cereal and jelly filled.

But what is the best kind of donut? Obviously the classics. We asked one hundred people which type of donut they preferred; chocolate or glazed. The results are below:

Glazed donuts: 59% of the people we asked preferred glazed donuts.

Chocolate donuts: 41% of the people we asked preferred chocolate donuts.

The facts:

Chocolate donuts– 13g sugar

Glazed donuts– 12g sugar

“Are you serious!? Who likes glazed donuts? I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”  -anonymous freshman

The chocolate vs. glazed donut is a serious rivalry that has ended friendships in the SHS student body.

“Cause its chocolate” -Mrs. Speedy

Chocolate donuts have an extra gram of sugar compared to glazed yet more people preferred glazed. So if it’s not the sugar that people love then what is it? The world may never know. Chocolate donuts are a sweet and tasty choice, and who doesn’t like chocolate? Glazed is a classic and simple flavor that people just tend to love.

Because who doesn’t love the classics?

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