Women’s March on Denver

❁ January 21, 2017 ❁ 9 am - 3 pm ❁ Denver's Civic Center Park ❁

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This past Saturday, an estimated 100,000 people gathered to defend human rights at the Capitol Building in Denver. This protest was not unique as many major cities across the globe united to protest the new American president. People of different genders, sexualalities, ethnicities, religions, cultural backgrounds, etc. joined. This march had less to do with sexual politics than with a general defiance of Trump’s new order and intentions, from his racially insensitive comments to his derogatory treatment of women.

Many marchers carried creative signs that protested Trump’s motives as president. Signs included plays on his comments like “grab her by the pussy” or ridiculing his small hands (that he is oddly insecure about). More serious posters called Trump out against serious issues like his clear motives as the 45th president of the US regarding health care, environmental protection, religious rights, immigration, the LGBTQ community, trade agreements, abortion, etc. There were also signs and chants that said “Love Trumps Hate”, which was Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan and is a play on words with the president’s last name.  



This protest was the largest protest in the United States history with possibly more than 2.5 million people marching in major cities alone.  Not only was it the larges, but the most diverse as well. Throughout history, feminist movements have been known to only have the needs of middle class white women in mind, making these movements not as universal to women of other social classes or ethnicities. But this march is distinct as it represents conflicts that face basically every minority in the country. It is a time to truly unite in the face of inequality. The picture above is my sister and I, the thought of growing up under the exact same conditions but having unequal opportunities because of the color of her skin under our current president is sickening. I attended to show my little sister what a democracy looks like and how to stand for those who cannot.


Katelyn Keen, a senior at Summit, (pictured below) said, “Yesterday was one of the most inspirational and happiest days of my life. What happened all over the world, what millions of people participated in yesterday shone a light on what is happening in our country right now.” When she was asked why she attended, she replied, “I was not there to protest Donald Trump’s presidency, but to hold him accountable for his words and actions. I was there because it is 2017 and I will not have someone tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.” “I was there because men and women of color, other nationalities, and religions do not feel safe, welcome, or represented; they are not treated justly in their own country”.

A chant at the march on Denver that I attended was “All 4 years, we’ll be here!”, meaning that these protesters are not going to stop as long as someone that has little to no regard for human rights is our president. With that being said…  Donald Trump, welcome to your first day in office. This is what a democracy looks like.


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