2018 Breckenridge Music Festival

Caiden Bretz, Writer

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Over the summer, the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge will be hosting musicians and music educators during the Breckenridge Music Festival. Events begin on June 17th and will continue through the summer until August 12th.

The Breckenridge Music Festival has been an annual event in the town since 1980. Each year it hosts around 15,000 people between all of the shows and performances. There are musicians from over 40 different orchestras that perform. Most acts are at the Riverwalk Center, although some families in Breckenridge will be hosting them in their homes as a part of the Champagne Concert.

The music coming to Breckenridge this summer includes Jazz, Funk, Country, Western, Folk and Bluegrass. There are also classical music performances to take place at certain Champagne Concert parties. 

BMF began in 1980 when a group of musicians created a ten-day music festival to celebrate the anniversary of the Father Dyer Church in town, a well known historic symbol of Breckenridge. The event really became popular in its second year when the Breckenridge Music Institute produced a festival of classical and jazz music, alongside with a youth music camp.

Tickets are already available for purchase as well as RSVPs for all of the events. Visit Breck Music Festival for dates and specific events.