Marvel’s ‘Infinity War’ Review

Infinity War Poster

Infinity War Poster

Kai Theriault

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This one of biggest Marvel movies making $1.164 billion worldwide according to The Hollywood Reporter. Marvel’s Infinity War contains one of Marvel’s most intense, complex, and hardcore stories making it one of most interesting movies to start off the summer. The most interesting bit is how this is going to forever change movies as it takes the viewer to places other superhero movies have never been.

Infinity War has The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy and other superheroes teaming up and attempting to defeat there most powerful enemy yet: Thanos, who is on a quest to get all the infinity stones, as he plans to impose a different reality. This has the fate of the universe in the hands of the heroes as they attempt to take down the mighty Thanos.

This movie has been in high anticipation as it is one of the most ambitious crossovers ever. Because of how it shows different superheroes from across the Marvel Universe teaming up. When watching Infinity War with Donavyn Allen he described the way he saw it as an advanced Marvel movie, “The thing that makes a superhero movie great is if the villain is one that the viewer despises and builds up this hate. These are the things that would describe how Thanos makes the movie good.” The Chicago Tribune also described Thanos by saying, “What’s interesting about him is that he’s wholly committed to that philosophy […] and his entire philosophy is about random execution.” This described his motives as he attempts to destroy the Marvel Universe as gets the infinity stones.   

For a person with no knowledge about the Marvel universe, I would recommend seeing this film because it allows you to get to know all the characters instead of picking specific characters to like based off see previous films. Having this movie containing a compelling villain and an epic crossover, I would recommend seeing Marvel’s newest movie Infinity War at the Dillon Skyline Movie Theatre.